Clearid Pest Control Pty Ltd was established in 1995 by Norman Ferreira. During this time, this company, has built up a very respectable reputation and due to this, a substantial portfolio of large, medium and small companies that has come to appreciate the good service that this company has to offer.

On, 1 July 2014 Clearid Pest Control Pty Ltd changed the trading name to Clearid Pest Control & Building Services Pty Ltd with a new owner and manager, Michael Solomou (BE. Mech Eng).

Michael Solomou has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and fifteen year's experience in Facilities Management and a WorkCover licenced in Pest Management.

Clearid Pest Control & Building Services Pty Ltd will continue the good work ethics and practices as of Clearid Pest Control Pty Ltd, as stated below.

Clearid, is conscious of the special needs of their customers. "We are very aware that our clients require the provider of pest management services to respect their confidentiality and to be conscious of staff and client safety". In addition, Clearid "expect that the service will not be disruptive to normal business activities and that it will ensure that the highest standards of pest management are achieved."

Clearid has strong policies on the standards of service offered and carried out for its commercial clients. In all cases the client must be involved in the decision making process and must form a partnership with Clearid in the integrated pest management process. This is why Clearid Pest Control & Building Services is confident that they can continue to provide a service to their clients that meet all their expectations.

Environmental management, cleaning, stock control and work practices are all issues vital to the pest management. Cooperation between Clearid and its clients, ensures that these issues are addressed. For its part, Clearid ensures that the integrated pest management practices and pesticides and materials it uses, at its clients' premises, conform to the strict regulatory requirements imposed by various government departments, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Safety and technical efficiency are paramount to Clearid. "Despite the experience that we have in a wide range of integrated pest management services, Norman Ferreira with his vast amount of knowledge and with over fifteen year's experience will be available for ongoing technical support. In addition, we will seek out specialist help if we feel it is necessary. "For this reason we have contracted the services of one of the industry's top technical experts to provide us with specialist opinion and guidance where that is appropriate. This is a facility that we can offer our clients which increases our expertise and the value of our services."

Clearid offers a range of services in the integrated pest management to the commercial property owners, industrial and warehouse sites, high rise apartment blocks, office tenants, catering and hospitality industries, to business houses, to manufacturing and retail industries, to real estate, strata and facilities managers and to government.

Clearid can also provide specialist advice and services in environmental integrated pest management issues and in termite management.

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